Vulcanus in Japan, the blogroll

Following the previous post, if like me you have cyberstalking tendencies, you might want to check out a few of the former participants' blogs. Although if you ended up here by your own googling skills you may not need my help...

Vulcanus in Japan, 2007-2008 session:
David: http://degs2k4.blogsome.com/ [es]
Doc: http://docinjapan.blogspot.com/ [pl]
Inda: http://inda-blog.blogspot.com/ [es]
Claudio: http://seeyouspacesamurai.blogspot.com/ [it]
Stefano: http://adorolodoredelnapalmalmattino.blogspot.com/ [it]
Cosmo: http://cosmotronics.blogspot.com/ [es]
Victor: http://www.japoruga.com/ [es]
Robin: http://www.robinallaer.info/ [nl]
My boy, Wally: http://wallynes.muppets.ws/ [en]
Yours truly: http://desmotspoursetaire.blogspot.com/ [fr/en]

Vulcanus in Japan, 2006-2007 session:
Tom: http://tomtomtokyo.blogspot.com/ [fr]
Dries: http://kitenketsusho.wordpress.com/ [en]
José: http://engzebecas.blogspot.com/index.html [pt]
Some Dutch guy: http://www.sprunken.net/alljapan.php [nl]
Sarah: http://semprecarnevale.splinder.com/ [en/it]

Vulcanus in Japan, 2005-2006 session:
The now famous Kirai (Hector): http://www.kirainet.com/ [es] (or did he go in 2004?)
Fer: http://fer-martin.blogspot.com/ [es]
Adolfo: http://historyofaman.blogsome.com/ [es/en]

I haven't been following any of the 2008-2009 blogs, but if you are among them, don't hesitate to post your address in the comments!

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