words of wisdom on graduation day

I spent 10 years in Paris and it all went like a blur.

If I'd kept working for [famous phone company] I would have killed myself too!

My friend works until 11pm on slow days. He's 30, he's fat, he's bold, he doesn't have time to spend his money and his wife wants to leave. I don't want a life like his - first bypass by 40 - but hey, at least he can pay for it himself!

photo by Nathan

Fuck the crisis. There's never been a better time to play the stock exchange. I'm having a blast.
...But the other day, I almost got fired for forgetting an email attachment, though.

Immigration offices suck.

aelle summed up in 3 words: blogger, Japan, wireless drill. And in one picture: iguana impersonation.

- Think you can still sell web 2.0 to businesses? Isn't that, like, so 3 years ago?
- Well, considering that a bunch of my clients have to rely on their assistants to use their fax machine... I'm going to go with "yes"

So let me get this straight: in French, the difference between vegan and vegetarian is that vegans don't eat fish?

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