végétalisme international et gourmand

Aujourd'hui dans ma boîte aux lettres, deux colis bien tassés... Un nouvel échange, érable contre speculoos, cette fois. Hourra à l'amicale internationale des végétaliens!

Le premier vient du Canada, avec des emballages bilingues Canadien/Québecquois (les gâteaux aux brisures de chocolat, j'adore)

(The bunny on the note says: When life gives you lemons, squirt the juice in the eyes of your enemies.)
And from my friend Bazu:

Books (thanks so much for the Korean culture guide, I can't find anything else than the Lonely Planet here!!), tea, weird Asian of unidentified origin (I can read 3 of the languages on the package, how crazy is that) candy, weird American candy, and printouts of the pics of our last meetup. And it all came in the green handbag you can see in the back! She also wrote me a super sweet "congratulations on your graduation, getting a job in Korea and all that" card.

Piggy stamps!

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