Sunday night list

Listening to : the Bird of music, Japanese edition of Au Revoir Simone's latest album. Those girls are like fairies who learned how to use keyboards. And I usually hate keyboards. They're touring in Europe now, could you please check it.

Smelling : banana-walnut pancakes. Failed miserably. Meh. My 100 yen pan works fine for stir fries but it's just too sticky to make proper pancakes.

Enjoying : the warmth of my body curled up under the blanket.

Craving : sundried tomatoes, marinated in olive oil with herbs. And hummus! Seriously! Why doesn't my local suupaa sell chickpeas??

Procrastinating : cleaning my bathroom. Bath bombs are fun except when you have to clean.

Looking forward to : seeing more of the people I love. Alone time is nice, one week-end sick in bed is more than enough. And that also means I'm waiting for some e-mails here!

Giving up : cramming all those kanjis. JLPT is in a week, advienne que pourra.

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